As a regulatory agency of the Tribes, the Gaming Commission (Commission) was established pursuant to the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988. Chapter 5-2 (Tribal Gaming Code) was revised and adopted in Tribal Ordinance #30E on 27 April 2016. These revision are considered approved by the NIGC and became effective as of 10 August 2016.

    Under the revised Ordinance the Commission consists of a five (5) member Commission and an Executive Director, all appointed by a majority vote of Tribal Council. The Executive Director is responsible for the oversight and hiring and firing of Commission staff. The Commission and Commission staff regulate Class II and Class III Gaming on CTCLUSI Indian Lands and are responsible for regulatory oversight to ensure compliance with the Compact, and with Tribal, Federal, and if applicable, State law and regulations. The Commission also serves as the licensing authority for individuals employed by the Gaming Operation.

    The Commission maintains its offices in Florence Oregon. Brad Kneaper is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer and Executive Director of the Gaming Commission. Brad was also appointed as the Chairman of the five-member Commission in a non-voting capacity. The five current Commissioners are Warren (Tom Brainard) - Vice Chair, Dean Durgan, Laura Fortin, Susan Zoelk and David Brainard.

    The Deputy Director and Director of Surveillance report directly to Brad Kneaper. The Deputy Director has oversight of the day to day activities of the Commission Staff and the Director of Surveillance has oversight of the day to day activities of the Surveillance Department.

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    Contacts List

    Chief Law Enforcement Officer
    Brad Kneaper
    Chief Law Enforcement Officer
    541-997-6011 (Main)